ActivStudio 3

Activstudio 3 is the program you will use with your Promethean Interactive White Board. There are a lot of great tools to enhance your class lesson and activities, see below for guided note and resources.

Previous PD on Activstudio

Intro to activ studio what can it do?
PD Session 1
Ways you can use activstudio in your classroom!
PD Session 2
Using Discovery Ed ion your classroom and integrating it into Activstudio
PD Session 3

Mr. Lutz Created Handouts:

How to print as a PDF
Import PDF into Activstudio

Website Resource

Promethean World
Promethean's Website which has a ton of resources for Activstudio 3 and the Promethean Board.
Promethean Planet
Teacher resource center, find already made Flip charts for all different content areas. Share your own Flipcharts with others or just get some ideas.


Activstudio v3.6 Handouts
A bunch of handouts about Activstudio 3, check them out!
Activstudio3 Basics
Handout about the activboard basics

Creating a video in Activstudio
This handout shows how to create a video using the activstudio software.

Video Tutorials

Promethean Activtips at iTunes U

Activstudio Tips available for your iPod on iTunes University
Beginner Tutorials (Only Highlighted Links are viewable)

Trouble Shooting

Promethean Board
My screen will not show on my projector (Mirroring)

Shared Flip Charts

Promethean Planet
Review Games