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A Technology Integrator is a classroom teacher who fully utilizes the many benefits technology offers to improve instructional practices across his/her content areas. In doing this,the teacher does not focus on the technology itself; rather, s/he focuses on student learning and uses technology as a tool to support this end.

This teacher integrates technology into his/her design of learning experiences to:
  • engage students in, and have them interact with, the content
  • assist students in mastering local and state standards
  • foster students curiosity, creativity and willingness to take risks
  • engage students in problem-solving activities that are meaningful, often reflecting real-world tasks
  • promote collaboration and communication between students
  • encourage students to take ownership of their work and become more self-directed in their learning
  • address the diverse needs of learners
This teacher is an individual who:
  • facilitates learning rather than transmitting knowledge
  • plans strategies to manage student learning and behavior in a technology-enhanced environment
  • plans strategies to manage student learning and behavior in a technology-enhanced environment
  • helps students understand the ethical, cultural and societal issues related to technology
  • shares his/her practices with peers and seeks out evidence-based practices from others
  • applies technology in assessing student learning of subject matter
  • reflects on and assesses his/her practices and uses current research as a framework for improvement
  • explores creative ways to use technology as a means of fostering a home-school connection
  • takes an active leadership role in his/her school
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Project Kingdom

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PD Model - Cycle of 21st Century Change

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Perk Up Your Projects

Perk Up Your Projects

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Tech Tricks:

2 Cameras to video conference in class